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Canvas Of Motherhood

Yesterday XSArtistry was featured on the front page of the Courier Post newspaper, WOW how exciting! I was interviewed by Kim Mulford for the article, which focused on the art of maternity belly painting. This has become such a popular trend and such a wonderful way to commemorate the start of a new life. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to paint the belly of Salema Ross for the article. Salema is expecting her first child, a son named Zy'lem, in just a few weeks and was so excited to have this belly painting done. She decided to go with a Lion King themed painting with the words, "I can't wait to meet you because I already love you" painted along with it. After sending Salema a sketch of my design for approval we made an appointment for her to come to my Pennsauken location. The duration of the painting takes about 2 hours and the entire process from beginning to end takes about 3 hours. After the painting is complete I take high-resolution photos which I provided to the client as part of the package. Salema was over the moon with her painting and I was happy for her as well. Painting a belly is such a rewarding experience for me as an artist. I love when the babies move and kick, reminding me there is a precious little person in there almost ready to come out. I get to connect with the mothers-to-be then down the road see their little bundles in the flesh usually via Facebook or at their first birthday parties, when I'm painting family and friends or making balloons for their big day.

If you are interested in a belly painting please contact XSArtistry today for a free quote!

Ready the article online now through the following link:

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