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South Jersey Henna by XSArtistry

It's that time of year where henna tattoos will be in demand. Xsartistry is ready for henna tattoos big and small. We service all of South Jersey and the surrounding areas. We mix our own henna using quality products and the freshest henna crop available. All of our henna cones are hand rolled and mixed as needed in order to attain the darkest stain possible. We also only use Lavender essential oils in our henna which is safe for pregnant moms to be. We offer henna parties and private henna appointments and can embellish your design with glitter and gems. If your interested in getting a henna tattoo for a special event it's best to get it two days prior in order to allow the stain to darken.

Tips for henna:

* Leave the paste on for a minimum of one hour but if possible much longer, the longer you leave it on the darker the stain.

*Moisten the paste every 15 min with a cotton ball dipped in lemon/sugar mixture. Be careful to only pat your design and not over saturate it.

*Once you are ready to remove the paste pick it off or use a cotton ball dipped in baby oil or any type of oil.

*Avoid water on your stain for the first 24 hours if possible. Water is henna's enemy, it will make you stain fade away quickly.

*Try to apply vaseline, baby oil, or cream on your design before bathing or washing your hands. It will help the stain last longer.

XSArtistry is the #1 party entertainment provider in South Jersey and the surrounding areas. Don't forget we also offer face painting, body painting, belly painting, balloon twisting, and airbrush tattoos!

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